Maybe, No.

Do I still want you back?
when I only miss the memories
but not having you at my side
when I only want is your “Hi”
but not your “I love you” and “Good night”

Do I still want you back?
when I almost forgot to love my self
during the days of your selfishness
when I almost had to lose myself
just to keep you, though you’re taking me for granted

Do I still want you back?
when you almost had to destroy my soul
just to be cool through the eyes of your bros
When you have broken my heart and shattered into pieces;
but all I can see through your eyes was joy

Do I still want you back?
will it makes me happy if you come back?
Maybe, NO.


An open letter to my ex,

To my dearest,

Uhm, Hi. I was taking a shower when I thought of you, it’s strange but I never thought of, you, crossing my mind again, since you left. Yeah, I know this is kind of weird, but, here I am, writing you a letter. Oh, but please do not ignore this, I want you to read this. Please.

I just want to say sorry for everything, like for not being the best one you could ever have. I know I have a lot of things to say sorry about you, a lot, I mean like a lot.

I am sorry for not trusting you, for always doubting on you. Sometimes I think of me, being rude, then suddenly I realized, I am. I’m sorry for not believing in you, like on your talents, skills, your capabilities; I should be the one who’s lifting your confidence, I should be the one who’s cheering you up, I should say “Hey, go on, you can do that!” But no, every time you want to try something, I have been always like, “are you sure you’re going to push that” I was dumb that time, I’m sorry for being a crap.

I am sorry for comparing you to others, sorry for giving the feeling that you are not good enough, that there is someone who’s always better than you, I’m sorry. But, you are beyond different, despite of your imperfections, I know you’re one of the best people who exist in this world. No, you’re not good enough, I mean you’re more than enough. The way you love, the way you make people happy, the way you excel your best in everything. I’m sorry for letting you down, I really am.

I didn’t remember how many times I told you that you have a good appearance, I guess 3 out of 10? I regret for not saying you have. Your complexion makes you who you really are, know that It’s beautiful, your dark skin makes you more attractive, though it takes time for them to appreciate it. It’s perfectly baked by God, claim it.

Lastly, I’m sorry for letting you go, but it’s better; it made me better. I learned from it, I’ve got to realize so many things; and I’m thanking you for leaving. But I miss you, I miss your sweetness, your being clingy to everyone, how you show your love, how you made special stuff for them, and how you mess things up in a beautiful way. I miss your laugh, the way you giggle from simple things, I really miss that. I guess we’ve grown enough now.

Well Me? I am stronger now, I do not cry about simple things, I am more serious about life, I gotta be more confident (for myself), and I am very proud of what I am now, though I need to prove more.

It was a good relationship with you, old self. Sorry for screwing you before, and thank you for making me what I am now today.

I love you, vecchio sé (old self), but I love more what I am now.


The stronger one.

PS: I’m sorry for not letting you to love… someone.


(Artwork by Paula Bonet)




13 reasons why “NOT”

Nowadays, it is easy for the teenagers to trigger their life and cut their existence. Teenage years the stage where you are about to witness the other side of life (Gloomy Life), where you can feel you’re a useless, you’ll feel hopeless, and seems you wanted to give up. Feelings are fragile as glass, but was it enough to cut your life?

Here’s the reason why NOT cut your life:


Remember, you are a blessing from above and your mom and dad have always been excited to see you. You are a gift, the curve on your face makes your parents continue to live each day. You’re a source of happiness, a source of strength.


Remember that God died for you, to cleanse your sins, to save you. You are loved, ALWAYS; even you feel not. Yes, you are blessed. You’re healthy, you’re studying, you can eat three times a day, and you’re living. Yes, you are beyond blessed.


And it is not bad. We, Humans, we are not perfect; we cannot be. Failures are Failures, but it won’t define your whole life. There’s always a time for making it up, to do again what you failed to do.  Life does not end by just failures. There’s always a chance.


If you’re feeling down today, maybe tomorrow will be your lucky day. Life is like a wheel, it has ups and downs. The realization is, every day is not always your lucky day, but you can also embrace your bad days. Know that the wheel is still spinning! You cannot be trapped in your bad days always.


Bright as the stars. Doctor? Teacher? Engineer? Or A Successful Business Man/Woman? Your future awaits. You can be anything you wished, if you have perseverance. You just have Go for the Gold! Don’t let your life take away your stars.


Think of your friends. You may not see them or feel them, but they are just goofing around, waiting for your tap. They got your back, and you got their shoulders to lean on. Approach them, they are just there. They love you, like a member of the family.


We are all living in a judgmental world, deal with it. But, it depends how you’re going to rock this kind of world. Rumors are as dumb as the people who started them and as fake as the people who help spread them. What are you going to do? Don’t mind them. Just smile and let them wonder why. Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate!


Be glad to see back of, do not please people to stay. Perhaps, hold the door open for them. People come and go, sometimes all of them almost go, but you have to deal with it. Smile, they are not worth your tears. They don’t deserve your big heart. You’re a diamond, and beggars can’t own you.


Life is short, don’t make it shorter. Everyone dies, everyone leaves, don’t stop living. Not everyone who dies are happy, so you, do you want to be a part of them? Please don’t be. Life is a gift! Please continue breathing for those who lost it.


Think positive! When there’s a mouse, there’s a cat. When there’s a cat, there’s a dog. When there’s a problem, for sure there is a solution. Be a proton! Do not be an electron! You should never feel hopeless because difficult times always lead to better days. Take note of that!


There are times that we hate life because of our struggles, our failures, our shortcomings. And the time that we Faced the toughest challenges in life, yes, we all hate it, we hate life. But what if through those challenges, we can achieve better things? Would you still hate it? No. Wait and you’ll figure out what’s the reason.


He/She loves you, he/she may not say it, but I know He/she loves you. He/she will be sad if you end your life. It’s tragic you know. His/her life will never be the same without you and he/she would be deeply affected if you’re gone. It’s depressing.


Meaning, Life is beautiful. Yes, it is beautiful if you look at the brighter side of life. Change your perspective. Life is always a blessing, please do remember that. It may be rude sometimes, but it has always been good. Instead of focusing on little things make you upset, focus on the great things about your life. Think about all the times you’ve laughed and smiled and been happy. Don’t let a little thing make you feel as if your life isn’t worth living.

Remember that if you cut your life, that’s the end of your story. No more happy ending. Or else you want a tragic ending, DO YOU?


-Sonete de un Filipino-


-Sonete de un Filipino-
Por: Sra. Danica Ramos Macatangay

My words would run out  if I’ll portray thee,
Thy being poor taught me to be dauntless
Thou give me lot of stuff still I’m careless
Flawless from sky to the sea, Yes it’s thee.
Thou are awful yet a pearl from the sea,
Thy childrenth let you bleed caused by pay-less
Still thou protect them coz thou’re hate-less
Thou’re my mother my armour, Yes it’s thee.
I may leave thee b’coz of poverty,
Leave you for bucks, but It’s not what  I planned
Replace thee for Statue of Liberty
Doesn’t mean my affection for thee’s gone,
I am still thy child, thy property
Filipino since day one, til I’m gone.

Book of Life

Chapter 19


Blithesome type of skirt may portray thee,
Thy being jocose brings off earthborn when their weather’s kinda gloomy,
Thou are a present from the creator of the earthy;
It’s amazing how thee conquer thy fear with courage,
and how thee handle ur dilemma at ur age
Thy being acquiescent shows thy eagerness to escape from ur cage;
Escape, Explore and Discover
Thou visualize thy book with flying colours,
Although there are a lot of hues thou may find from different chapters.

Life is about taking risks, and living your life to the fullest.
It is about loving, sharing, forgiving, and enjoying every moment and exhaling those bitterness.
And like a roller coaster, Life has its own ups and downs, it only depends upon ourselves how we will enjoy the ride.

Ready for chapter 19? Absolutely!
Happy 19th Birthday Self


Ningas Kugon

Pag-ibig, pag-ibig, pag-ibig nanaman ang naririnig ko,
Umiibig, umiibig, puro nalang umiibig ang nakikita ko
Hindi ko alam kung bakit pait ang nararamdaman ko,
Ah basta ang alam ko nalolokohan lang ang mga to.
Tanda ko pa nga, ganyan din kami ng mahal ko noon,
Masayang masayang masaya, parang sila
Hawak kamay dito, hawak kamay doon
Tawa dito, tawa doon; kwentuhan dito, kwentuhan doon
Masayang masaya, masayang masaya, katulad nila.

Pero isang beses nakita ko siya,
May kasamang babae, tawa sila ng tawa
Pero sabi ko naman, ‘baka kaibigan lang, ate, o kaya naman pinsan’
Makalipas ang isang araw, nakita ko nanaman sila
Nahuli ko siya, sila, magkahawak ang kanilang mga kamay,
Na para bang nakaposas na hindi mo mapapaghiwalay.
At bigla akong naalimpungatan sa nakita ko,
Napasabi sa sarili na ‘aba! niloloko na pala ako ng mukhang unggoy na ito’,
Gusto ko siyang sampalin, gusto ko siyang suntukin
Sa sobrang sakit, para pang ako’y iniipit.
At sa huli napagtanto ko na,
Nagmahal pala ako ng isang ningas kugon,
Na sa una lang magaling,

sa una lang malambing,
Sa una ka lang papakiligin,
Sa huli pala’y papaiyakin at gagaguhin.
Sana hindi kagaya namin ang istorya ng mga ito,
Na sa una lang masaya, Na sa una lang nila mahal ang isa’t isa.



I am a photo enthusiast,
I am not letting the day pass without taking a photograph
I am savoring the blissful feeling brought by these snaps
I am not well pleased by just gazing, because for me only captured memories last.

I like the concept of blue and green scenery,
I do not like the brown and gloomy colors that would invade my gallery
I like green umbrageous bushes as much as the blue scheme of the sea,
I do not like pale and faded hue because it might nullify the serendipity.

I used  to be a frustrated shutterbug,
But now I am coping this frustration and still pursuing to be a better one

I used to be weak and not confident with my photo blog,
But now I am free from this negativity and now I can say that I am a productive one.

Being a photographer isn’t about having the best camera,
It is about embracing the story behind every snaps.


Privacy versus Right to know

These two words are very important to every journalist’s field. These two rights are powerful when it comes to spilling beans to the basket full of ants or commonly say tons of people. Uhm let’s just say a right to privacy is for somebody’s security, and a right to know is for the people’s sensibility. So how can the journalists balance this kind of problem in spreading news especially harsh statements? There are things that should and shouldn’t be written in the tidings or news, because this is very threatening to the journalist’s life; maybe if he stepped up the person’s privacy he may be killed or if he didn’t spill it out his conscience may kill him, there is no in between. Yes, a right to privacy is necessary in the way of, that person’s safety, or even his dignity; but for the sake of public information, it is their right to know the truth and what they should know about what is happening in the world,especially for justice. We all know that everybody is seeking for justice, everyone needs it, especially when one of the members of the family experienced extra judicial killings. Of course we need justice, we need to seek the truth, we have the right to know who’s that person behind that particular scenario, privacy won’t matter anymore! Because if that person didn’t make mistakes or anything wrong, he wouldn’t be showing up to the public, or he wouldn’t lose her privacy. It’s his problem in the first place. 

Art Work by Paula Bonet



Unexpectedly, we met at the so called ‘Lover’s Lane’
Unexpectedly, It is you who was my crush when I was in 6th grade
Unexpectedly, You recognized me and asked me how was me then?
Unexpectedly, You asked my number and suddenly we became best friends
Unexpectedly, I fell in love with you and almost to confess my feelings anyway
Unexpectedly, I saw you kissing my ex boyfriend and found out that you’re a gay.




It is so hard for me to trust someone, I don’t know why, but it’s  difficult for someone to gain my trust; maybe because  I have experience being betrayed and mistreated by someone who really had my love, trust. It was Sunday afternoon, I asked some people if it is easy for them to trust somebody, some said ‘yes’, others said ‘no’, then another said, ‘it depends if he’s trustworthy and if he deserve it. But what if the one who caught your trust annihilate it, would you still accept him? The fact that he destroyed your inner peace. Remember that he destroyed not only your trust, but also your fragile feeling. Spontaneously, the feeling of anger will burst out,  and little by little this anger will turn into fear, fear of being lied into and or hearing the false words ‘I miss you and I love you’. Let’s just accept the fact that sometimes the person we thought that won’t disappoint us, was the one who was born a half human and a half snake, showing false action, saying false denotation. Would you still take the risk of trusting him again? Think.

Art work by Paula Bonet


What makes me sad?

Rain is about to fall. I’m scared, because I might think of negativity and I might be getting into the state of being lonely. Now let me spill what causes my life’s agony. I over think a lot; yes, a lot, and maybe it is my worst hobby since I was in 7th grade. Most of the time when I am alone and I am just lying on my bed, let’s say ‘bored’, I just think of something that suddenly turns my optimistic view into sad blues. And on  a serious note,  don’t have any idea how to stop this. Little by little these thoughts are killing me; shall I say it is a form of suicide? because in every letter of these unsaid thoughts, I am drowning. So please tell me how to cure this to cure this because it’s very sad having this kind of perspective.

My tear is about to fall.  It is because I am missing someone behind my past, thinking about our precious memories which I thought would last. It is kind of weird because our so called ‘forever’ only last seven months, was forever really that short? Deep sigh, I barely say I’m fine.

My soul is about to be destroyed, by the judgmental people surrounding me.Acting like they were on the supreme court to judge me. They were like, “hey you’re not pretty”, “you’re dumb” “Idiot! Stupid! Whore”, “why don’t you use whitening soap so you can have a fair skin”, “you don’t deserve to be loved”. I’m tired of these crap, this life. I’m just trying to be nice and perfect for people, but why? It’s just sad being judge by being true, by being you. Because people are people, they’ll just you anyway, though you’re not making mistakes.

Overthinking may kill your happiness. Trapping yourself about your past lead you to nothing but you, being a trash. Know that not everyone is meant to stay, c’est la vie. So keep moving because there is more to life than holding back. Forget those who hate you, and remember that somebody loves you. Don’t mind ’em. Life is to short to be sad, so starting from now, I’m saying hello to my new perspective.

Artwork by: Paula Bonet